Top Mobile App Development Companies in 2021 | Hire Best Mobile App Developers

Are you thinking about how to develop a mobile app? Do you want to know the top mobile app development company for your next project? SoftwareFirms is here to help you out with a complete list of trusted, world-class, and affordable development firms. 

From startups to SEMs to enterprises, everyone needs an application to take their business a level up. Everyone wants to stay ahead, and companies from different domains, including healthcare, education, banking, eCommerce, retail, real estate, and more, have incorporated mobile applications in their solutions. 

Therefore, to match up with others and generate higher revenue, it's necessary to pick expert mobile app developers for your project. However, because many companies are available in the market, choosing the best app development agency is not easy. 

To ease down your search, SoftwareFirms has jotted down some trusted mobile app companies based on crucial factors, including client reviews, ratings, previous projects, industries catered, the team of experts, and more. Check out the list and find the most trusted app developers that globally guarantee higher revenue and enhanced brand value.

Filtered List of Top Mobile App Development Companies Near You | Best Mobile Application Developers (Android, iPhone & iPad)

Some General Questions From Clients

Know more about Indian IT outsourcing industry in the following FAQs

Q1. How Do I Find the best App Development Companies??

While hiring the right mobile app development agency, you need to keep several factors in mind. Here are some of the key ones: 

  • Experience and Competence 

Being a competent company indicates it has handled and resolved several challenges associated with the development process. This factor assures you that the company can deliver remarkable app development services. 

  • Better Revenue 

Top mobile app development companies must outline a strategy to monetize your app and present it as the perfect target for your target user-base. Inquire as much as you can about their plan and how the app developed by them will enhance your revenue. 

  • Portfolio 

Ask for examples of mobile applications developed by the company to examine their UI/UX expertise, domain knowledge, and app development experience. You can even go to their website to know more about their clients.

  • Coding Standards 

Whichever platform you pick to build your mobile application, your app designing partner should be an expert at it. Be it an Android or iOS app development; the firm should be a specialist in providing the right solution.

  • Client Feedback

Another crucial thing to note before hiring an app development firm is client feedback. Get connected with the previous clients and ask them about their experience. 


Q2. How Much Does It Cost to Hire an Application Development Company??

When you decide to outsource a mobile app development service, the two core concerns are quality and price, which are generally affected by the mobile app developer's location. 

However, if we talk about the estimated amount and time, you would perhaps require to invest around 80 to 600+ hours with a $50-$150 hourly rate. Besides, the time spent can be affected by whether the app is developed for Android, iOS, or both. 


Q3. What are the Factors that Affect the Mobile App Development Cost??

  • Platform Used: One of the primary importance of any application development falls on the mobile app's idea and concept. Nevertheless, the platform chosen to build the application is equivalently necessary. 

You must go for an app development platform that resonates with your earlier apps and future goals. The app development platform can discover the base value of the app. For example, the development cost for iOS is comparatively costlier than Android or Hybrid.

  • App Size: Another factor that impacts the cost of an app is its size. The number of screens needed in the application with its backed features, including storage, databases, user management portals, and more, is evaluated to assess the mobile app development cost. 

A complicated backend, multiple screens, and extensive storage can enhance the cost of the app.  

  • Integrations and Plugins: For integrations to operate smoothly, mobile application developers need to form an innovative API.

Application Programming Interface contains tools, routines, and protocols that let the application communicate with other devices. Combining APIs will improve the app development price.


Q4. What Are the Different Types of Mobile Apps??

  • Native Applications

Native applications are developed with a specific Objective C, excellent functionality, Java, and platform's SDKs to exploit UI. 

You can get a high-reliability and fast performance within the app. Besides, it has a high performance and effortless learning curve. 

  • Web-Based Applications

Web-based applications possess an illusion of native mobile apps except being built to suit the device screen size. CSS, Javascript, HTML technologies are deployed to create web-based applications. 

  • Hybrid Apps

Hybrid apps use skeleton native applications, load web content, dynamic or static, and operate on the device. They are easy to build without any need to redevelop every time to be previewed.  


Q5. What are the Most Famous App Development Platforms??

  • iOS

iOS is Apple's operating system, running on Apple devices, notably iPod, iPhone, and iPad. iOS developers can either build a native application utilizing languages, such as Objective-C and Swift. Also, use Xamarin or React Native languages for cross-platform app development.

  • Android

Being an open-source platform, Android empowers app developers to smoothly build and distribute applications while reducing any complex review processes. 

For Android mobile app development, app developers can include their functionalities and still allow users to create new features introduced by Google routinely. Android's recent update is Android 10.0.


Q6. Why Does Your Business Need a Mobile App??

  • Users Can Reach You Effortlessly.

With a mobile app, you can build a connection with your customers. An app makes it effortless for the consumers to contact you efficiently, as only a few clicks can bring them to your app.

  • Boost Your Brand Awareness  

Your mobile app has the logo of your brand or company, and once they download it, they would be able to see your brand. Now, they can search for the services and products provided by you. Moreover, they will come to discover why they must utilize your services. 

  • It is Reasonable 

Nowadays, every business type can meet the costs of having a mobile app as each business size can get the app developed as per their budget. Besides, an app reduces marketing value as it sends push notifications to the users who already have your app on their mobile gadgets. 


Q7. What are the Benefits of Outsourcing Mobile App Development??

  • Cost-Effective

One of the most significant profits of outsourcing app developers is that it is reasonable. Organizations store significant monetary resources by reducing unnecessary costs spent choosing an in-house team and setting up suitable infrastructure.

  • Peer-to-Peer Support 

Expert mobile app developers are suitable to manage each app development stage. Whether a firm needs aid in conceptualizing the app or its implementation in the app stores and marketplace, the top app developers handle these jobs while eliminating multiple danger factors.

  • Quicker Turnaround

The top-notch mobile app development companies know the basis of time and give on-time delivery of the app. Besides, proficient app developers can immediately act on any necessary changes required by the users and deliver more agile updates.

Q8. What Monetization Strategies are the Best Ones Currently??

  • In-App Advertising Model

In-app advertising is among one of the most robust monetization approaches. In this, app development companies get paid to give advertisements in their mobile applications. The ad formats within in-app advertising can help the UX without being interfering or pushy. 

  • Paid Apps Model 

Pay-to-download applications are the oldest app monetization tactics. It is effortless: you place a price and gather the money once your preference's app store gets its cut. Paid mobile apps generally view higher loyalty and user engagement.  

  • Freemium Model 

The third method of app monetization is via the freemium model. It is a mixture of free and premium. This model includes two editions of a similar app. One edition supports the essential functionality, and it is free of cost. On the other hand, the premium edition involved extra features.  

  • In-App Purchases Model

This app monetization approach is helpful for games but can even be viewed in dating applications and other categories. The in-app purchase model aids in earning revenue without much danger. Moreover, it is one of the best monetization strategies for the eCommerce domain. 

Some other app monetization models are: 

  • App Data Monetization
  • Execution of Virtual Currencies
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Subscriptions, and more. 

Q9. Are there any Helpful ASO Tools You Can Use??

  • Priori Data
  • AppTweak
  • App Radar
  • App Annie
  • Mobile Action
  • Splitmetrics
  • Sensor Tower

Q10. What Should You Search for When Choosing ASO Tools??

Not all App Store Optimization tools are developed similar, so remember these points when searching for the appropriate tools to utilize:

  • For A/B testing.
  • Ads optimization.
  • Tools, which optimize the product page.
  • For keyword optimization.
  • App store intelligence.

Q11. How Much Time and Money Does it Take to Develop a Mobile App??

App development cost and time depend upon a lot of factors, and we have already discussed some of them. Here is the estimated cost and time you should keep in mind before getting in touch with any mobile app development agency:


  • Simple App: $24800 to $59200.
  • Moderate App: $36100 to $85200.
  • Complex App: $59500 to $137200. 


  • Simple App: 4 to 11 weeks.
  • Medium Difficulty App: 7 to 16 weeks.
  • High Difficulty App: 11 to 26 weeks.